Dairy Processing

Milk Pasteurization

We provide both Automated and Semiautomatic version of Milk pasteurizer with latest processing standards. Capacity range from 500 LPH TO 30000 LPH. Our systems are build using branded components.

Benefits of our systems are as below.

Efficiency: PHE Temperature profile is selected considering higher % of efficiency of regeneration. Which ultimately results less amount of steam required for pasteurization process.

Automation: We provided latest automation standards using branded PLC. Based on Fuctional Descriptions (FDS) as per clients process requirement we will develop process automation. MIS Reports and Scada development as per customer requirement. Our Systems are operator friendly and easy to access. We will provide facility for remote supports to all our client.

Design: Milk pasteurizers are Modular design. PHE will be kept on Skid or separate as per clients requirements. We have several installations of Milk Pasteurizer